Composition of Music

Are you looking for an original composition of music? Do you need just vocals? Or just instrumental? Or perhaps both?

At NbG Music, we can do it all. We have found that composing music is a great way to express yourself and get your ideas across through sound.

Music can be written much like a conversation. Your emotions will be expressed through a personal interpretation using notes, words and rhythms.

With NbG Music, you’ll find that we approach our compositions in several different ways before we settle on one direct route. We’ll keep at it until the final draft is written and it meets your satisfaction.

Whether you need a composition for your church, school or even as an artist, you can rest assured we won’t stop until the perfect sound is created to meet your need.

So, let’s start with a conversation between us. We’d love to hear your ideas and goals for your compositions. What they will be used for and how you envision they will sound. 

We will even sit with you through the discovery phase or we can take it all on ourselves. It’s what works best for you. It is a partnership after all and we want to create what works for you!

If you want an original composition of music, contact us today and see how we can work together!

Composition of Music -