Music Writer

A music writer is someone who composes music for voice and instruments. If you have a special occasion and want something written with your ideas in mind, I can do that. The ideas you give me can create inspiration or sometimes I draw from my own world experiences. I take the feeling you’ve inspired in me and create songs that portrays that feeling.

I can perform this song for you or write it for someone else to perform. It’s whichever option is best for you.

Whether you are a well-known artist or a soon-to-be bride, if you are in need of a song for that special someone or occasion, I am up for the task.

I’ll create your song's introduction so it grabs the audience’s attention right away. The verses will tell your story and a memorable chorus will get stuck in their head. At the end you’ll have a unique song, that was made specifically for you and your special occasion.

My creativity comes from my day-to-day life. Sometimes I’ll be sitting at home and the song will just hit me and I’ll sit down and write it out in 10 minutes. While other times, I’ll be walking in nature and inspiration will strike, and over the course of several days I’ll have written the song.

Writing the music happens in different ways. I can sit in front of my piano and often try several different chords to see which one fits with the music I’m trying to write. Sometimes it can take a few days and sometimes it can take several weeks to find just the right chords to make it all work together.

Music has been in my bones since I was a little girl and being a song writer is something that just comes naturally to me.

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