Theater Musicals

If you are looking for a company that writes original scores for theater including musicals, look no further than NbG Music. We work with local and national theater companies to create new and sensational musicals that will entertain and inspire audiences.

We provide several services including scriptwriting, composing, lyric writing and orchestration. If you need one piece to complete your musical or the whole package, we can write it for you.

At NbG Music, we are dedicated to creating quality musicals that will satisfy any audience. Helping you be successful is the reason we are here. Your success is our success, and we go that extra mile to meet your expectations.

We can author a compelling story, develop any character, and write the songs you need to complete the story line. We are happy to collaborate with you or create an original work from our own ideas.

When we write your musical, we keep your audience in mind. We can create a story that is both entertaining and often meaningful and pair it with the appropriate music.

When you work with NbG Music, you can expect to collaborate with professionals that enjoy what they do. Writing musicals is both a labor of love and the epitome of theater itself. We know musical theater can be a platform for compelling issues to be presented to an audience. However, it can also be an escape into a wonderland of fantasy and imagination. Regardless, we hope to leave your audience inspired, informed, and entertained. Having the opportunity to collaborate with creative people and help them bring their visions to the stage is the most rewarding aspect of our company. We want to touch the audience and take them on a journey they will remember.

If you are looking for a company to help you with your musicals, or to create a script for a traditional play, then we should talk. What are you waiting for…, contact us today to see how we can work together on your next project.

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