Music Score

Musical Scores are the Artists’ way of sharing their creation with others.

Talented people often want to express themselves through writing songs, however they may not have the skill to write them down in a musical score so that others can enjoy them as well.

We listen to your music either as a live performance or by a recording and write the music down for you. This is known as scoring and allows you to share your music with other musicians.

When we begin working on your score, we will write down exactly what we hear and will not edit anything until we give you the final product. Music does not always translate to the paper the way we think it will. Once the music is notated, we will go over it with you to make sure what we wrote is how you thought it would sound. If you are open to it, we may make suggestions on how we can modify your music a bit, just so that it is clearer and more easily played by others.

If you are an artist and need your music notated for upcoming gigs and/or recordings, we want to help you get your music out by notating your songs for you. We can also write additional parts that will enhance your songs, which can include anything from adding a rhythm section to full string orchestrations or adding just woodwinds and brass.

If you need a score for your projects, NbG Music would love to be able to be a part of your creative process.

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